About Bisexual, Do You Really Understand?


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The term "bisexual" refers to people who are attracted to both men and women.It is a special sexual orientation. For some people, this might sound like a super power -- double romantic choice means double chance, right? But in reality, bisexual is a little awkward. Bisexuals are not "straight", so it is difficult to think of themselves belongs to the most in orientation. On the other hand, they are often considered to be heterosexual, especially when they have the opposite sex, which makes them feel their own LGBT group associated with difficultly at times.


Most important of all, bisexual always suffer serious misunderstanding easily. There are a lot of rumors and prejudice surrounding the bisexual, and some of them are even contradictory. Heterosexual and LGBT may hold these stereotypes, which increase the difficulty of joining into two groups. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more researchers are interested in bisexual, while the research improves our understanding of bisexual. Here are three examples of how science againsts bisexual misunderstanding:


Rumor 1: bisexual does not exist


I think this rumor is particularly ridiculous: how can you say they do not exist to a group of people? But that thought is very widespread, which is all people are either heterosexual or homosexual,especially among men. Sadly, even in the most tolerant of LGBT circle, you can hear the "no bisexual male at all" argument sometimes.


Recently, researchers have put this rumor completely overthrowed in a study of "Archives of Sexual Behavior" [1]) , They called in some heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual men, and played many erotic film clips for them. The participants were asked to evaluate the subjective feeling, and connected physiological equipment to measure their penile girth (i.e., sexual excitement degree).


Predictably, after heterosexual men watching women show films, subjective feeling and sexual excitement degree are higher than the performance of the men film significantly, gay men's situation is just the opposite. However, bisexual men were evoked relatively close degree by men and women videos. They are called bisexual video -- two men and a woman starring video -- evokes the higher degree than the other two groups. Importantly, these differences are also reflected in the data of their own reports and considerable excitement. Therefore, from this study, can clearly see that: these people are not in the "pretend" bisexual.


Rumor 2: bisexual is just a stage


The rumors describes bisexuality as a experimental stage or confusing state which during usually occurs in the university. And then the bisexual will determine their "real" identity (or to decide exactly what you are straight is bending).


Lisa Diamond carries out a number of very complicated work in response to this issue, and she observed gender identity of female during the period. In an article, published in the "developmental psychology" (Developmental Psychology) [2], Dr. Diamond reported a number of her paying close attention to women more than ten years.


The research results indicates that bisexuality is not the transitional stage unmistakably: puberty is positioned as a bisexual women, they only very few changed themselves as heterosexual or homosexual (only 8%) at the end of the study. However, the orientation of bisexual women always changes over time. In the study period of ten years, their degree of amphoteric interest has been constantly in flux.


Rumor 3: bisexuals will not loyal companion


This is probably the most vicious gossip. It derives from the thought of a partner cannot completely meet the people who are interested in both genders . Some people think that they will desire different sex people compared with their partners sooner or later. For example, people tend to think that, relative to heterosexual and homosexual people, bisexual people are more likely to cheat their partners [3].


In fact, lots of bisexual and their partners have happiness in a relationship. For example, at the end of Dr.Diamond's ten years study, up to 89% of the bisexual women are in the single spouse relationship for a long time. In addition, for those who want to get multiple sexual partners of bisexual, research shows that they often achieve this goal by negotiating with their partners to reach open relationship, instead of carrying around [4] partner privately. I can't find any thought of research supported bisexuals not faithful or honest than other sexual orientation people.


In short, the research field of the small scale of bisexuals will be growing and developing in the future. It not only eliminates many around the bisexual rumors and misunderstanding, but also provides interesting insights into the activities of generally. Different from other sources of popular culture or media, scientific research shows that bisexuality is a relatively stable and lasting orientation characteristics. We need more research to know more about the similarities of bisexual and unisexual bisexual (that is, heterosexual and homosexual), and some unique sides.


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