The theory of continuous change girdle of sexual orientation


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Sexual orientation with misleading the novels and TV, people's understanding of homosexuality is mostly wrong; most gay now see all live in obscenity, less than 1% of the proportion of reality.

Kinsey scale is a scale which was formulated by sexologist Dr. Kinsey, try to use 0 to 6 to represent sexual orientation. It was first published in "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" by Dr. Kinsey in 1948, and also played a supporting role in "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" in the later. Kinsey believed that man was not the only gay and heterosexual two, everyone has certain gay / bisexual orientation, respectively, only depends on the extent of. That doesn't have the watershed between homosexual and heterosexual, but with the transition relation.

Robert Epstein believes that human characteristics can be divided into two types: discrete type and continuous type. For example, eyes is discrete features, height is continuous features, and sexual orientation are more inclined to the latter, in fact, is a broad spectrum distribution.

Some particular sexual orientation exists in some situations. Such as, some animals will change their sexual orientation in a particular situation. Queer theory is that sexual orientation is not natural, but formed through a process of social and cultural. In human society, also has the situation of homosexuality, like the army, prison, monks... In Ancient Greek, gay was higher prevalence, especially the teachers and students, between the brothers. But the focus on the spirit, is a kind of soul and beauty of wonderful balance, there is a similar phenomenon in ancient china.


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