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Ambiguous emotion between females is more delicate and meaningful than that between males, seems to be more spiritual, more difficult to be perceived, and rarer. In fact, , female homosexuality has records in all the official history and unofficial history in China.

Lonely Palace Locks Kiyoaki

Speaking of homosexual behavior in women, heve to say the royal court. The deep palace locked love and desire of a number of women. The emperor's pursuit of beauty has no end, but bring harem women pain and implicit loneliness. Deep in the harem, how will they to fill?

"Han" volume nine seven " biography " with just a few lines of text recorded the Queen Chen Ajiao, and how did she reside in Nagato Palace. She exploited witchcraft woman, wanted to use enticement to restore the monarchy's heart, there had been a lesbian color. On the pretext of Ban Gu "the good story" which was made in later, there are more details recorded: The witch women she exploited, dressed in man clothes, living in love life as couples together with the queen.

As the world women's first Queen, all will try to Homosexual love because of loneliness,and how those young concubines and maids to live in the harem? In "Han. Filial piety Zhao Queen", recorded the Han Emperor, Cao in the palace and Gong Bi in Dao Fang lived in "Dui Shi"(just like lesbian). YingShao in The Eastern Han Dynasty noted explanation for "Han", called "Marriage between GongRen as couples" as "Dui Shi", two girs in Cao palace and Dao Fang getted married, which was a fair number.

Sympathetic and As Partners

Women in the palace comfort each other because of loneliness, but the so-called true between folk women, what kind of situation is that?

On the article of Pact Brother in the Ming Dynasty (Reference: Pact Brother - those same-sex marriage in the Ming Dynasty), we have learned from the middle and late Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty, the social atmosphere was open to some loose. In this context, Li Yu wrote the first lesbian drama "sweet" (with pity also known as the "beauty of incense") in the history of Chinese literature. By Li Yu's friend Yu Wei's "frets sweet with order" pointed out, the novel actually came from the author's family life.

In this drama, Cui Jianyun(endowed with both beauty and tale) and Cao Huayu(be pretty and intelligent) fell in love at first sight in Yuhua temple, about Jinlan(very good female friends), chanted with "beauty fragrance" as the title, and then agreed to marry as husband and wife in the afterlife. Cui Jianyun put on her husband's clothes, got married Cao Yuhua in front of the Buddha as vows. In order to be together forever, the two broke through heavy resistance and married to the husband of Cui Jianyun - Fan Shi(He was very happy, a tragedy man in fact).

The lesbian description of Li Yu, not only in his workd "sweet" , but also in his a special song for "MAN TING FANG. Next Door", descripted the intimate affair of two little daughters in the place where no one.

Anout the survival situation of ordinary lesbian women in feudal society, you can actually see segment of a whole in the novel of Li Yu. They were in a subordinate position in economy, depended on men, become man's private goods, marriage is the largest rely on them to survive.

So the ancient female homosexuals must reside in the traditional family, they must depend on heterosexual marriage to build their nest at ease and justified. Thus formed the marriage of marriage. The husband is just a life assurance tool. They let the husband get double benefits, to comfort their anger under his patriarchal dignity challenged.

Today, women's social status has been rising, but still could not get rid of the great bound of traditional marriage life, their marriage is still the biggest career in lifetime. Even after acquiring independent economic status, many lesbian women still choose to return to traditional family, and accept heterosexual marriage to guarantee their survival security.