Seven chinses gay couples get married in America


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June 9th, in Losangeles, California, the United States, seven gay couples from China held a collective wedding ceremony, which is sponsored by an Internet giant of China. California is one of the 30 states allowed lawful gay marriage. Wedding expenses are all sponsored by the enterprise commitment.

The 33 year old Liu Yingjie and 13 years of love partner Cai Zhiguo kiss at the wedding ceremony.

At the ceremony, gay couple Xu Na wipes tears for lover Xue Mengyao.

In China, homosexuality is still a taboo topic. China made homosexuality into non criminal in 1997. Homosexuality was no longer regarded as a mental disease until 2011. Although gay marriage is not illegal, gay marriage has not been recognized.

The wedding was held in West Hollywood City, Losangeles. Between 1998 and 2012, 30 states passed the amendment to amend the law for only a man and a woman marriage, but there are 20 states retain the attitude.

Gay couples show wedding rings in wedding.

Gay couple Duan Rongfeng picked up his companion Li Tao at the wedding.

Gay couples are in high spirits at the wedding.

A lesbian couple kisses at the wedding.

A Gay couple interlocks fingers at the wedding.