Who is the world's most sexy female star?


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Recently, the famous men's magazine "FHM" selected the world's most sexy 100 women in 2015, the following is ranked in the top ten of the sexy actress":

No.1 Keegan Michelle

She is a popular British soap opera actor, known as the "world's sexiest soap opera actress", known to play the ITV soap opera "Coronation Street" Tina McIntyre, the with a beautiful face, a proud figure and excellent acting, repeatedly won the British soap awards, and listed for three consecutive years the FHM's sexiest actress.

NO.2 Kendall Jenner

She is Kim Kardashian's half sister. She was born in 1995, debuted at the age of 14. Not only starred in the "Black Light" MV of "One Call", also endorsed Clark Marc T-shirt, shotted the "Lookbook", and a large advertising for the Hill Sherri! Is indeed extraordinary strength!

No.3 Jennifer Lawrence

Won the Venice Film Festival Award for best new artist by "burning plain" in 2008. Gotten the nomination of the eighty-third Oscar Award for best actress by "winter's bone" in 2010. In 2012, as the "Hunger Games" series of film actress and received extensive attention.

No.4 Kate Upton

She has a milk shake supermodel "reputation". Born in 1992, from Florida, with her beautiful appearance, sexy and plump posture, 178cm tall, started by the "sports illustrated" swimsuit photo, and today has become the hottest young model, more become big brand spokesperson of "GUESS".

No.5 Caroline Flack

She is a British TV presenter.

No.6 Ariana Grande

Was born on June 26, 1993 in Boca Raton Florida City, United States, is the new generation of American singer and actor.

No.7 Margot Robbie

Born on July 2, 1990 in Australia. In 2008, starred in action film "Vigilante"; in 2009, starred in thriller" I looking at you "; in 2011, starred in TV series" American tour "; in 2013, starred in the movie "space travelers love" and "the wolf of Wall Street". In March 2014, gotten Film Award of the best new actress of "Empire" by virtue of "the wolf of Wall Street". In addition, even in beauty like clouds in the drama "Pan American aviation", she still looks dazzling, she played the runaway bride, Laura looks charming and lively personality and trained elegant manners, it is a breeze.

No.8 Lucy Mecklenburgh

She is a bold and aggressive actress.

No.9 Emilia Clarke

Born in London on May 1 1987, British actress. After graduating from the London theatre in 2009, got the first role in the "Attack Triassic". Then replaced fellow tamzin merchant acting career in the third official works "power game", and therefore subject to attention.

No.10 Kelly Brook

Bron on 23 November 1979, the British supermodel and actor. She is known for her sex appeal as the most sexy British actress in 50 years. She had ranked in 5th place on the world's 50 sexiest goddess, now the identity is not only model, but actress and host and Swimwear Designer.

Source: Internet